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  • 1200W Electric Heater Portable Fan Heaters 220V PTC Ceramic Room Heater Home Office Desktop Heaters Warmer Machine For Winter


    Brand Name: other

    Origin: Mainland China

    Certification: CE

    Certification: FCC

    Certification: UL

    Choice: yes

    • High Power Heating :With a power output of 1200W, this heater can quickly warm up your room or office, making it perfect for cold winter days.

    • Portable Design :This heater is designed to be portable, making it easy to move around and use in different rooms or locations.

    • Ceramic Heating Element :The heating element is made of ceramic, which is known for its high heat capacity and even distribution of heat.

    • UL Certified :This heater is UL certified, ensuring that it meets safety and quality standards.

    1200W electric heater portable fan heaters 220V PTC ceramic room heater home office desktop heaters warmer machine for winter


    Color: Black /White

    Material:ABS + PC

    Weight: About 700g (without packagi ng)

    current: 220

    power: 1200

    Noise: < 40d B


    1.Open the package and take out the heater, put the heater on a smooth surface (it is prohibited to use the machine on soft and unstable surfacessuch as carpets and comforter.

    2.Please ensure that the power supply and socket meet the requirements of the machine's nameplate parameters.

    3.Please make sure the heater switch is in the "0" position of the shutdown button before use.

    4.Press the temperature gear switch and adjustment: "0" for the shutdown key, " I " for 800W warm air gear, " ll " for 1200W hot air gear.


    1. The heater should not be placed directly under the power outlet, must use a reliable power outlet, socket, plug and power lead capacity should be 10A or more.

    2.The direction of air supply is strictly prohibited to the socket, plug and power cord to avoid accidents.

    3.This product is strictly forbidden to be used in the environment with flammable and explosive substances; it is strictly forbidden to be used in the environment with serious dust and oil. When using the surrounding air should be smooth, and the ambient temperature should not exceed 30 C The power should be unplugged when no one is in the room.

    4.This heater should not be used around bathtubs, shower heads or swimming pools.

    5.Do not place items on the machine, the heater is forbidden to cover,forbidden to grill items on the heater to avoid fire.

    6.After use, out of long-term non-use, first turn off the power switch, and unplug the power.

    7. lf the product is faulty, please contact the dealer or manufacturer for repair, do not disassemble the machine for repair without permission

    8.The air inlet and outlet are forbidden to insert foreign objects to avoid danger.

    9.When the heater is working, it is strictly forbidden to touch the protective mesh cover to prevent high temperature burns, please pay special attention to children

    10.Do not use this heater with a programmer, timer or any other device that can automatically turn on the power.

    Warning: To avoid overheating, it is forbidden to cover the heater,block the air inlet and outlet of the heater with foreign objects.

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