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  • Loose Moissanite 100% Real Lab Gemstone Stones For Women Jewelry Diamond VVS1 D Color Ring Material Round/Pear/Emerald/Oval Cut


    Brand Name: kayleejackson

    Item Weight: 0.3-20ct

    Origin: Mainland China

    Certificate: YES

    Main Stone: Moissanite

    Item Height: as pictures

    Item Type: beads

    Certificate Type: Third Party Appraisal

    Certificate Number: GRA Certificate

    Model Number: D Color VVS1 Round/Pear/Heart/Marquise/Oval/Emerald/Cut Moissanite

    Metals Type: None

    Item Shape: Round-brilliant-shape

    Fine or Fashion: Fine

    Occasion: Engagement/Wedding/Party

    Stone Material: Loose Moissanite

    Clarity: VVS1

    Custom For: Ring/Earrings/Necklace/Bracelet

    moissanite stone with certificate: moissanite stone with certificate oval

    moissanite stone with certificate pear: moissanite stone with certificate round

    moissanite stone with certificate emerald: moissanite stone with certificate heart

    About this item

    1.DIAMOND EXPLAINATION: Each Square Silicone Moissanite is rigorous tested by GRA(Global Moissanite Research Authority) and GRA(Global Gemological Research Association) in New York and comes with a unparalleled GRA report number on the Moissanite certificate which can search on the GRA website.

    2.GRADDING INFORMATION: The color scale of most moissanites on Aliexpress are D-F and the clarity is VS or SI but our round brilliant moissanite reaches D (colorless) and the clarity scale reaches the colorless standard of VVS1 with excellent polish and symmetry.

    3.HANDNESS: Natural Diamond Hardness is 10 & Moissanite Hardness is 9.25. Diamond & Moissanite maintains its clarity and sparkle throughout a lifetime. TEST 100% positive with moissanite or diamond tester.

    4.EXCELLENT ACCESSORIES FOR JEWELRY MAKING: Moissanite is the best replacement to real diamond and can be 100% passed by a diamond pen, but it’s more sparkling, brighter than the real diamond and the fire is also more stunning. Especially suit for those who’re fond of jewelry self making and can be usd as jewelry accessories such as brilliant cut moissanite diamond promise ring, engagement ring ,necklace and stud earrings without breaking up your wallet.

    5.FABULOUS CUSTOMER SERVICES: We always try to get your satisfaction, but there may be some force majeure inevitably which will let you have a bad shopping experience. We hope that when there’re anything wrong with our items, please just leave us with a message, we’re preparing to solve all the problem for you with high satisfaction!


    1*Real Moissanite Stone

    1*Exquisite Moissanite Gift Box

    1*GRA Certificate and black card ( less 0.3ct no include GRA Certificate and black card )

    D-7mmx9mm 3ct
    D-6mmx8mm 2ct
    D-5mmx7mm 1ct
    D-4mmx6mm 0.8ct
    D-3mmx5mm 0.5ct
    D-2mmx4mm 0.2ct
    D-8mmx16mm 5ct
    D-7.5x15mm 4ct
    D-6mm 0.8ct
    D-5mm 0.5ct
    D-12mmx16mm 13ct
    D-12mmx14mm 12ct
    D-10mmx14mm 10ct
    D-10mmx12mm 8ct
    D-9mmx11mm 5ct
    D-8mmx10mm 4ct
    D-10mm 4ct
    D-9.5mm 3.5ct
    D-9mm 3ct
    D-8.5mm 2.5ct
    D-8mm 2ct
    D-7.5mm 1.5ct
    D-7mm 1.2ct
    D-6.5mm 1ct
    D-10mmx12mm 6ct
    D-9mmx11mm 5ct 1
    D-8mmx12mm 4.5ct
    D-8mmx10mm 3ct
    D-7mmx9mm 2ct
    D-6mmx8mm 1.5ct
    D-5mmx7mm 1ct 1
    D-4mmx6mm 0.5ct
    D-5mmx8mm 1ct
    D-5mmx7mm 0.8ct
    D-4mmx6mm 0.5ct 1
    D-3mmx5mm 0.35ct
    D-3mmx4mm 0.3ct
    D-2.5mmx4mm 0.2ct
    D-1.5mmx3mm 0.1ct
    D-18mm 20ct
    D-10mmx14mm 6ct
    D-9mmx13mm 5ct
    D-8mmx12mm 4ct
    D-7mmx11mm 3ct
    D-7mmx10.5mm 2.5ct
    D-7mmx10mm 2ct
    D-6mmx9mm 1.5ct
    D-6mmx8mm 1.25ct
    D-2.5mmx5mm 0.2ct
    D-2mmx4mm 0.1ct
    D-1.5mmx3mm 0.05ct
    D-13mmx18mm 13ct
    D-12mmx16mm 10ct
    D-12mmx15mm 9ct
    D-10mmx16mm 8ct
    D-10mmx15mm 7ct
    D-7mmx14mm 3ct
    D-6.5mmx13mm 2.5ct
    D-D-6mmx12mm 2ct
    D-5.5mmx11mm 1.5ct
    D-D-5mmx10mm 1ct
    D-4.5mmx9mm 0.8ct
    D-4mmx8mm 0.5ct
    D-3mmx6mm 0.3ct
    D-3.5mm 0.2ct
    D-3mm 0.1ct
    D-7.5mm 1.5ct 1
    D-7mm 1.2ct 1
    D-6.5mm 1ct 1
    D-6mm 0.8ct 1
    D-5.5mm 0.6ct
    D-5mm 0.5ct 1
    D-4.5mm 0.4ct
    D-4mm 0.3ct
    D-11.5mm 5.5ct
    D-11mm 5ct
    D-10.5mm 4.5ct
    D-10mm 4ct 1
    D-9.5mm 3.5ct 1
    D-9mm 3ct 1
    D-8.5mm 2.5ct 1
    D-8mm 2ct 1
    D-16mm 15ct
    D-15mm 12ct
    D-14.5mm 11ct
    D-14mm 10ct
    D-13.5mm 9ct
    D-13mm 8ct
    D-12.5mm 7ct
    D-12mm 6ct
    D-13mmx18mm 15ct
    D-10mmx14mm 8ct